December 2, 2009

last sprint

Well, it'll be the last of many, many, many sprints. Block III exams are tomorrow and then the week after that are the finals.....And then a Christmas break. Unlike Block I where I felt nervous, and Block II where nearly benign apathy had set in, for this final push I'm excited. I'm not exactly sure why but several reasons pop into my mind. The easy one is that I'll be done with this semester. I can be lazy and let my mind wander wherever it desires. I can drink beer and tinker in my yard (I have plans to dig a small pond). But if I go a bit deeper than idle relaxation, it signifies much more. Applying and getting into med school was a lot of work and effort, to be sure. But completing this semester makes it more concrete, more tangible, more expected. Before, everything was uncertain and filled with doubt. Now, it's starting to become familiar, average, routine. And that's a good thing at this stage. A very good thing.

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Anonymous said...

Hang in there! Love your blog!