December 12, 2009

Block III

Block III is done and in the bag. By some miracle, I aced it. I got a 95 on my histo/cell bio exam and a whopping 90 on my biochem. Not too shabby considering I earned a stunning 76 on my Block II biochem exam. Maybe studying really does help. Huh. Live and learn. I'm starting to remember how to be a student and in the process I'm remembering that when I wanted to be, I could actually be a pretty decent student. I'm also playing around with different learning styles and I seemed to have figured out some things that work well for me. That whole 'want' thingy seems to be a problem, though. When I could care less about a subject, I've yet to figure out a way to make myself care long enough to master more than one exam. We'll see how I do on the finals now. I'm determined to make honors in histo/cell biology. Biochem, well that's another story. I was shooting for a high pass (I was two points away as of Block III) but the final may have thrown a bit of a monkey wrench in that. That's another post, though.