July 2, 2017

final year

Courageous convictions will drag the dream into existence.

Adventures suck when you're having them.

- N. Peart

I now stand as a senior resident.  My final year of residency.  I briefly look in the rearview mirror to take it all in.  Where I started.  What I experienced.  What I have accomplished.  What I have failed.  And now standing so close to the finish line of this grand adventure that essentially started as a mid-life crisis......It truly does suck when you're in the middle of it.  And yet, and yet, it is a dream dragged kicking and screaming into existence.  Both dream and nightmare.  I am not sure I would ever want to do it again.  But I do not for a moment regret the choice I made.


Abe said...

Congratulations Son!!!!

Robert said...

You da Man! My sincere hope is that you continue writing even after this final year