April 7, 2015

staying home

     I will be staying home at UT Houston for my residency training in Family Medicine.  Although my wife says it's lowercase md until I finish residency.  Then I can be a true uppercase MD.  She says she has to keep me humble.  Never have two letters meant so much.  No, it's not the letters.  It's what I underwent to earn them.  Those and the gray hairs.


Anonymous said...

A heartfelt congratulations! You sound like an amazing doctor! Hugs to you!
Larry and Carol Elliott
(from Schapville)

Cary Reams said...


ZARZAND said...

Happy for you. Thank you for allowing us all on this journey. I mean that.

Robert said...

Isaac, Congrats man! I read your blog faithfully and I know how much you have gone through to get to this place.