March 17, 2015

match explained

For those of you confused by The Match, join the club. I don't pretend to like it, understand it or defend it. Here's the official explanation, though. Wikipedia is pretty good, too. As the number of medical students has increased relative to residency positions, I'm not sure if the "logic" would still hold today. All I know, this is just one of MANY hoops to jump through. You stop questioning them pretty quickly to retain your sanity and to not lose sight of the real goal - to become a good doc. At least I did. But having come from the private sector first, I MUCH prefer the model of having job offers to consider and weigh against each other than this rolling of the bones.


ZARZAND said...

We're all waiting and watching with you Isaac. Trusting for not only what's best for you, but for something that brings some joy for you as well. I think you're due.


Cary Reams said...

"The Match" is like enforced Collective Bargaining for non-unionized employees.