August 27, 2014


Today is my mom's birthday. 
2010 - my mom is at MD Anderson while her son has his potentially cancerous tonsils removed. The first thing he whispers as he groggily came to from the surgery is, "happy birthday, mom". 
2011 - her son is now dead. Despite that, she is still at MD Anderson but this time it's for her husband. 
2012 - nothing is changed. STILL at MD Anderson for her husband. 
2013 - no trips to MD Anderson but now her grandson is sick - the grandson whom she saw being delivered and helped raise since day 1. Once again, life hangs in the balance of a capricious world. 
2014 - what do I say? Happy Birthday? There is no "happy" to her birthday. There only is. And what is, is brutally devastating. 

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Anonymous said...

many years ago,
I knew your mother

I am thankful for her existence,
her beautiful soul

I honor her today,her day