March 30, 2013

post call

     It was supposed to be a slow night but only about two hours of sleep were hungrily devoured.  I stumbled home around ten in the morning after having started my shift at 6:30 the previous morning.  I'm not even sure what day it is or whether I'm hungry or not.  And surprisingly, but not uncommonly for a decent percentage of people, it's hard for me to fall asleep at this point.  Feeling wired from too much adrenaline and too much caffeine.  It's hard to shut off.  At some point I finally drift off to sleep and wake up later.  It could've been one hour or five hours later.  I wouldn't know.  The sun is setting so it must be early evening.  My wife mutters something about "avoiding dad" to which I take offense.  I try to defend myself to which my son bluntly states, "No, dad.  You're pretty pissy after call.  It's like poking a bear."  I have no idea from where he learned to be so straightforward.

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