December 16, 2012


"Prepare for your most challenging part of your training so far."  That was the straightforward advice that was given by our school in preparation for the third year of med school.  They haven't been wrong, which is why I haven't written lately.  It hasn't been because I have nothing to write about.  On the contrary, I've got lots of stories about patients.  Too many, actually.  I've just been too tired by the time I get home to want to write about them.  On second thought, it maybe, just maybe has something to do with the fact that my current rotation landed me at MD Anderson for a stint in psychiatry.  Talking to patients who have cancer about their emotional challenges, was well, more than a little challenging for myself.  But that part is done so I can look back with the clarity of a bit of hindsight.  So more stories to come...

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