January 30, 2012

free lunch!

     Free Lunch!  That's what the sign said.  Attracts pretty much any med student since we're poor and in way too much debt.  That debt is about to get just a bit bigger.  That 'free lunch' cost me 800 big ones.  It was an advertisement for a prep course for the Step Exam.  Half our class used it last year and their average was well above the national average.  Sounds good to me.  I texted my wife I just bought an $800 lunch and it consisted of a burrito. 
     If I do Family Practice as a career, I want it to be because I choose to do Family Practice.  Not because my scores were so low that it was the only residency program I could get into.  So the next time somebody tells you doctors simply make too much money, think of my $800 burrito.  And the $150,000+ in loans.  And the nearly decade of lost salary that I'm giving up.  Nevermind the personal costs.  And then please ram your fist straight down their throat for me.  No, I guess the old adage is right.  There is no such thing as a free lunch.

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