December 21, 2011

finish line

     In the wilds of a Colorado backcountry trail this past summer, the soles of my hiking boots decide to separate from their respective shoe bodies.  Thank goodness for duct tape.  It's MacGyver'ed me out of many a backcountry problem - torn tent on a stormy evening, blister on the feet, burn on the foot, ripped backpack, etc. 
     Upon finishing exams - 6 in 10 days, and successfully, I might add - my particular soul also felt its own separation while coping with newly discovered territories of grief.  Ravines, cliffs, and caves of impenetrable darkness that I never knew even existed.  Existential silver, sticky, tensile stuff is holding me together.  Strong stuff, and that's a good thing because I sure need it.  I sure hope it doesn't give out.  But then, duct tape never does give out, does it?  Because you can always whip out more.

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