November 19, 2011

pre giving of thanks

     "Open up and say 'ahhh'."  We're all familiar with that routine at the doctor's office.  But you ever try it with yourself in the mirror trying to see your own tonsils?  Not as easy.  With my pen light and a knife substituting as a tongue depressor I was able to manage it early this morning.  In doing so, I have really good firsthand knowledge of what an overgrowth of Streptococus pyogenes looks like.  It's better known as strep throat and even though my case wasn't a typical presentation, it made me suspicious enough to drag my infirmed body to the doc on a Saturday.  I knew there had to be something more devious at work on my throat than a common cold.  It felt like I was eating shards of glass everytime I swallowed.  Needless to say, studying (and blogging) have been out of the question.  It was so painful I couldn't even sleep.  Heading into Thanksgiving, I'm thankful for the people that developed the rapid strep antigen test, the NP who was willing to run the strep test even though mine was not classical, and whomever made the amoxicillin.  Hopefully, I'll be able to actually study in a day or two in order to make up for all the lost time.  Well, first I'll need to catch up on sleep.


Prophet C said...

Been reading your blog; it's very interesting. Sorry to hear you got sick. Hope you get better in time for Turkey day!

Steffany said...

Really enjoying your blog. I'm on my second round of antibiotics as of this morning. Your description of shards of glass and not being able to sleep it was so painful made me feel better. Because I thought I was being a wimp. Worse sore throat I've ever know. Praying it passes by for us both ASAP. Keep blogging buddy, we're watching.