February 6, 2011

between the sun & moon

The steaks are grilling over a bed of glowing embers.  I run in to my parents' house to make a protein shake for my brother.  A glass of milk and two scoops of chocolate whey protein.  A quick spin of the blades of the blender, into the glass it's poured, and then I set it into the fridge to wait until I serve it to him with his steak.  Back outside to the steaks I dash.  They're not quite done and so I instinctively reach for my glass of wine.  As I raise it up to my lips, I pause and take notice of what's in front of me.  The planet Venus shines next to a thin sliver of the moon about 70 degrees above the orange setting sun set against the dark blue of the coming night.  Not quite day.  Not quite night.  In between.  A bridge between future and past.  The fine line of living.

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