April 14, 2010


Things sometimes work out despite one's best intentions. I had exams last week (which explains my lack of posts) and I walked out of my neurology class with a big case of Uh-Oh. With my brother's noma, it's made studying a bit more distracting. Consequently, I got way, way, way behind. About 17 lectures worth behind. So in a week, I crammed away thinking I've got a decent grasp on the material. The day of the exam, I spoke with my brother and he had done a 180 degree turnaround. Little pain, appetite back and in much better spirits. I went into my exam with a much lighter heart. I walked out thinking I just may have failed the practical exam and I think I aced the written part. Eh, que sera, sera. Shows how much I know. 88 on the practical and a 79 on the written (class average is usually around a 79). Like a half court shot on the basketball court, I promise you I could not do that again......Except that I have to come the final exam.
I changed my answer on a whopping 10% of the practical questions. During each rest station, I'd go back, erase frantically away and change another answer. My the end of the practical, my eraser was but a nub requiring a second pencil for the written. I never, ever do that because in the past, inevitably I always changed it to the wrong answer. Consequently, I have a long standing policy to always go with my first instinct since it is usually correct. Not this time. I was so unsure and so clueless, I might as well have been flipping a coin. And the result? Everytime I changed my answer I got it right. Not a good precedent here. So at the end of the day, I'm actually left with a possibility at High Pass in this class despite having a complete and utter lack of comprehension in the material. If I knew what to study, I'd go gangbusters on it but I think I'll just act randomly since I haven't the foggiest. It seems to have worked out so far.
Remember this the next time you're in a doctor's office and they pause to think. They're probably frantically trying to remember some obscure piece of information that has escaped their recollection. I guess the take home message is that it's ALWAYS a good idea to question your doc because when we don't know, we have to come up with something that resembles our best guess.
But to top off the day with a third piece of good news, Rush is coming in concert again! And this time, I won't get behind (yeah, right).

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