November 30, 2009


Tonight over dinner, my son and I were talking about school, his specifically. He's been slacking off a bit and I was enquiring as to the reason why. The gist of it is that he doesn't like what they're teaching. His words, "when am I going to use what is a subject or predicate of a sentence?" Gee, I can't possibly empathize with him on that. My reply, "and when am I going to need to know what amino acid substitution occurs for sickle cell anemia?" He then went on to complain about pretty much every subject (subjects I all enjoyed, by the way), even Texas history. Now Texas history is just plain cool, probably second to the American revolution as far as idealism goes. Crockett's statement "You may all go to Hell, I'm going to Texas" is pretty self explanatory to anyone from Texas. Having stood in the hallowed halls of The Alamo, it pained me to hear him bash it. I suggested to him that perhaps he should keep a more open mind as to the importance or significance of certain knowledge. Touche. Physician, heal thyself.

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